Bus Shelter



Parish bus shelters

Currently, there are 19 bus shelters in the Parish. Four of these were purchased by the Parish Council some years ago, three are owned and managed by Adshel Ltd and carry advertisements and the other ten were transferred from Eastleigh Borough Council ownership to the Parish Council on 1 April 2010.

Each shelter costs in excess of £6000 and there is a contract for their regular cleaning by an accredited contractor. Any damage to a shelter should be reported to the Parish Clerk who will arrange for the necessary repairs. Because they are expensive items, the Parish Council hopes that the shelters will be respected by all.

The Parish Council will consider requests for additional shelters but emphasises that the location of any additional shelter is subject to the agreement of the owner of the land upon which the shelter is to be located, usually Hampshire Highways, and is acceptable to those local people who live in the vicinity.